Fire resistant

Fire resistant doors

Within the laboratory for Thermal technique and fire protection, testing of steel and wooden fire- resistant doors is performed in a standard test furnace of dimensions 3000 mm x 3000 mm. The testing laboratory provides testing services in accordance with SRPS U.J1.160 standards (withdrawn)* and in accordance with the European norm SRPS EN 1634-1.

If it is planned to place these products on the market of Republic of Serbia, it is necessary to perform product certification in accordance with the rulebook on mandatory certification of standard construction products.... . The certification procedure begins with the submission of a request for certification, and the testing is performed in accordance with the SRPS U.J1.160 standard. The request for certification of doors is given at the following link:

Request for testing and classification

The maximum dimensions of doors under test are 3000 x 3000 mm. After installation, thermocouples are installed on the door, in accordance with the test standard, which are used to monitor the temperatures on the non-exposed side of the door during the entire test. During the declared intervals (30 min, 60 min, 90 min...), the door must meet the designed performance in terms of integrity (E), thermal insulation properties (I), and radiation (W). A statement is given in the report on the achieved resistance to the flame for tested door, while in the classification reports the performance of the tested doors with direct and / or extended field of application for the tested doors is explicitly expressed.


Head of Laboratory

Dragiša Ivanišević, dipl. inž. maš.

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Responsible staff

Snežana Ilić, mast. inž. maš.

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