Fire resistant

Fire resistant grilles

Within the laboratory for Thermal technique and fire protection, testing of fire resistant grilles is performed in a standard vertical test furnace measuring 3000 mm x 3000 mm. The testing laboratory provides testing services in accordance with SRPS EN 1364-5 standard while the conditions in the furnace are prescribed by the SRPS EN 1363-1 standard for which we are also accredited.

To test fire resistant grilles in accordance with European standards, it is necessary to test the largest and smallest blind of the same type. The position of the blind on the wall of the test furnace depends on the end use of the blind and is determined by the customer according to the technical requirement for the use of the product in terms of the required pressure drop on the blind. Blinds can be installed in a rigid or flexible wall. The main task of the fire resistant blind is to maintain its properties in terms of integrity (E) and thermal insulation properties (I) during the testing period.

Thermocouples are placed on the blinds to monitor the temperatures on the non-exposed side of the sample in order to check the thermal insulation properties of the product, while the integrity is monitored visually - observational method.

In addition to testing fire resistant grilles, we provide services of classification for tested blinds in accordance with the SRPS EN 13501-2 standard.

The request for testing and certification of fire resistant grilles is given at the following link:

Request for testing

*Note: This standard has been withdrawn but is referred to in the current rulebook on standard construction products.


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