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Laboratory for Thermal technique and fire protection operates as part of Central laboratory within the IMS Institute Center of Materials.

Areas covered by the laboratory:

The laboratory has accreditation within Central laboratory (for more than 20 years) for a number of testing methods in the areas mentioned above. The laboratory is financed from the income it generates by providing services of measurement, testing, theoretical analysis... The desire to remain dominant in this line of profession imposes the need for all tests and measurements to be done with quality, on time and in full compliance with the requirements of the standard. The Laboratory operates within Institute IMS which has been designated by the Ministry of Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure for testing of important characteristics of construction products: Fire Resistance and Reaction to Fire. designation link

The laboratory possess the equipment required to test the methods from both areas of study. Fire resistance testing equipment is predominantly made in-house with the knowledge and expertise of our own personnel. Furnace for fire resistance testing of vertical samples has dimensions of 3m by 3m. It was designed and manufactured in our laboratory and still is the only one of its kind throughout Serbia. The furnace is equipped with an acquisition system for control and data gathering developed entirely in-house. The laboratory is completely qualified in determining material flammability class as well as tests in the field of thermal measurements in construction.The laboratory has competent and quality personnel who contribute with its selfless engagement

The laboratory has competent and quality personnel, as confirmed by accreditaion, who through their selfless and professional engagement contribute to the laboratory responding to all customer requests in a timely manner, as well with the absence of any complaints and objections.