Fire resistant

Expanding coatings for steel and wood

Within the laboratory for Thermal technique and fire protection, testing of expanding coatings for steel and wood constructions is performed in a standard test furnace measuring 3000 mm x 3000 mm. The testing laboratory provides testing services in accordance with SRPS U.J1. 042 standard while the conditions in the furnace are prescribed by the standardSRPS U.J1.043.

The test structure for testing expandable coatings for steel protection consists of 12 metal profiles with different cross-sectional factors where half of the length of the profile is in the test furnace. Under the coating on the exposed side of the profile, 2 thermocouples are placed to measure the temperature on the surface of the metal profile. The criterion for evaluating the thermal insulation properties of expanding coatings for steel protection is a limit temperature of 400 degrees Celsius.

Expanding coatings for wooden constructions do not have the prescribed limit temperature and the duration of the test is a requirement of the customer. Testing of these coatings comes down to comparison between coated and uncoated tested wooden beam.

Request for testing

*Note: This standard has been withdrawn but is referred to in the current rulebook on standard construction products.


Head of Laboratory

Dragiša Ivanišević, dipl. inž. maš.

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Responsible staff

Snežana Ilić, mast. inž. maš.