Reaction to fire

Flooring test

In laboratory for Thermal technique and fire protection of the IMS institute, examination of floor coverings with FLOORING TEST is performed according to standard SRPS EN 9239 – 1. Surface of floor covering is exposed to effect of burner and radiation panel which is positioned at an angle of 30˚ relative to horizontally positioned specimen.

Based on test results and results of additional tests, examined materials can be classified according to standard SRPS EN 13501-1. Classes that can be achieved with this test are A2 fl to D fl . Combustibility subclasses of material are determined based on test results that refer to quantity of smoke produced (s1, s2, s3).

Test specimen is floor covering and has dimensions of 1050 x 230 mm. Edge of the specimen is exposed to burner. The position of burner represents starting position for measuring flame spreading which is caused by burner and radiation panel. Test lasts 30 minutes and during testing period any specific behavior of specimen is recorded. Value of critical heat flow CHF [kW/m² ] is also given in test report. Classification of product is based on critical heat flow according to classification standard SRPS EN 13501-1.

Specimen preparation: For all information regarding preparation of specimens please contact laboratory staff.

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