Reaction to fire

SBI - Test

In laboratory for Thermal technique and fire protection of the IMS institute, examination of material with single burning item – SBI Test is performed. The test if performed according to standard SRPS EN 13823. Testing is performed with the goal of classification of building materials based on test results and results of additional tests in accordance to standard SRPS EN 13501-1. Classes that can be achieved with this test are A2 to D. SBI test is used for examination of all products with an exception of floor coverings. Combustibility subclasses of material are determined based on test results that refer to quantity of smoke produced (s1, s2, s3) and to leakage of melted material (d0, d1, d2).

Test specimen is angular joint of larger and smaller wing of specimen. Larger wing of the specimen has dimensions of 1000 x 1500 mm, while smaller one has dimensions of 500 x 1500 mm. Maximal thickness of the specimen is 200 mm. Angular joint is exposed to burning source that has power of 30 kW in duration of 1200s. During and after test the following parameters are calculated: FIGRA, THR 600s , LFS, SMOGRA and TSP 600s . Classification of product is based on these parameters. Criteria for grading these parameters with goal of classification of products is given in classification standard SRPS EN 13501-1.

Specimen preparation: For all information regarding preparation of specimens please contact laboratory staff.

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