Reaction to fire

Single flame source test

In laboratory for Thermal technique and fire protection of the IMS institute, examination of flammability of products exposed to direct flame is conducted according to standard SRPS EN ISO 11925-2. Testing is performed in order to determine flammability with the goal of classification of building materials in accordance to standard SRPS EN 13501-1 (LINK KA REAKCIJI NA POŽAR).

Flammability of materials needs to be determined for all building products including floors. Specimens dimensions are 250 x 90 mm. The specimens are placed vertically in specimen holder. Examined specimen is exposed to effect of single flame for duration of 15 s or 30 s. Single flame height is 20 mm. Time required for flame to reach height of 150 mm on the specimen is experimentally determined in interval of 20 s to 60 s depending on duration of exposure of specimen to little flame. Also, any leakage of material and occurrence of ignition of paper which is positioned bellow the specimen is closely kept track of.

Surface and edge of the examined material are exposed to flame and the number of required specimens depends on the final usage of the product.

By conducting examination of flammability of materials and other required tests which are performed according to classification standard, materials can be classified to following classes:

Class of combustibility SRPS EN 13501-1 Time interval of flame exposure Criteria for classification according to standard SRPS EN 13501-1
B,C i D 30s Flame reach, in interval of 60 s
E 15s Flame reach, in interval of 20 s

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