Thermal technique

Heat conductivity measurement

Heat conductivity of insulation materials is measured by hot plate test method according to standard SRPS.U.A2.020 (withdrawn)*. Besides measurement according to domestic standard, the laboratory is accredited for measurement of heat conductivity by heat flow meter test method according to European testing standard SRPS EN 12667.

The first testing method, SRPS.U.A2.020, features two 750 x 750 mm specimens placed symmetrically relative to hot plate. Heat conductivity is a characteristic of a material and does not change with thickness of the specimen (as long as specimen is homogenous).

Second testing method SRPS EN 12667, requires one 500 x 500 mm specimen measurement. Test method is heat flow meter method.

The request for heat conductivity coefficient measurement can be found on following link:

Request for examination

*Note: The standard was withdrawn but it is called on by currently active rule book.


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