Thermal technique

Air permeability of buildings

Laboratory provides services of measuring Air permeability of buildings with method of air insufflation in accordance with standard SRPS ISO 9972. Air permeability of buildings is in situ method which enables to calculate heat loss due to ventilation trough building envelope.

First, building is separated into testing zones. Selection of testing zones is done after examination of building situation by laboratory staff. After the examination is complete, measuring commences. First, air is insufflated into testing zones and then air is extracted from the testing zone. Required pressure differential between testing zone and the environment that must be achieved scales from 10 Pa to 100 Pa with increment of 10 Pa. Correlation between flow of air and pressure drop is given in the test report. Also, at the request of the client, some additional derived values can be given in the test report, such as number of air substitutions per hour for 50 Pa pressure differential.

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