Fire Resistance

Laboratory for Thermal technique and fire protection has decades of experience in fire resistance testing of construction products. The task of fire resistant structures is to prevent the spread of fire outside of fire sector in the declared interval (30 min, 60 min, 90 min...). At the declared interval, it is required that the tested sample satisfies the designed performance in terms of integrity (E), thermal insulation (I), loadbearing capacity (R), radiation (W), etc., depending on the tested product.

Fire resistance is determined in a standard vertical test furnace measuring 3000 mm by 3000 mm, developed within the IMS Institute. The laboratory is accredited for a number of methods in accordance with European and domestic test standards.

Tests conducted in accordance with domestic (old) standards are generally compliant with current regulations governing the subject area and are subjected to the certification process (Certification request).

In addition to standard testing, the laboratory provides construction product classification services based on fire resistance test results that are in accordance with the classification standard SRPS EN 13501-2. In addition to testing and classification services, the laboratory provides services for the preparation of reports on the extended field of application of products based on test results and the preparation of expert opinions in the field of passive fire protection at the request of the customer.

The following list shows construction products that can be tested on a vertical test furnace within our laboratory: